California Leadership Collaborative


Introducing The California Leadership Collaborative

The number of women that lead in politics and business in the United States is a persistent challenge. 

These are parallel challenges...

...yet there is very limited connection and coordination between these two sectors

Gender diverse teams are more profitable and effective. 

In an era when the United States is seen as a global leader in so many spheres, it is time to tackle this challenge across sectors.

Here's how: 

The California Leadership Collaborative will enable the connectivity between corporate and political leaders to generate new strategies to
develop women political leaders in California.

With initial funding from PG&E and support from She Should Run, The California Leadership Collaborative aims to address the biggest  challenge facing women’s political organizations: support and funding for the work that already exists.

This collaboration will also identify strategic gaps where new work is needed. 

California has led the country in innovation. 

Let’s add advancing women’s leadership to the list.