Stepping Into Uncertainty

There are times in our life when we know exactly where we are going and how to get there. There are other times that are filled with ambiguity and indecision.  I'm in the latter.  This year I turned 34 years old, I know that may not be very old to most people, but as I reflect on my life, so far, I recognize the fact that I have already lived a fairly full and exciting life.  I figured out my life passion at only 22 and that early awakening helped me to catapult into a career at a time when most 20 somethings are just finding themselves, let alone a paycheck.  

I feel grateful that I figured out this focus early, but it has led to this point where I'm fixated with the question, now what?  I am grateful to be in a position where I can take the time to weigh my options and step into my next path. 

Recently my Mom shared a concept with me that has stuck with me and illustrates how we can make the best next step decisions.  She said there is old Near East idea that talks about not dwelling on where you are going, but rather, focus on where you are facing.  If you are facing in a direction of work and passion that feeds you and drives you, you will step into the right next thing.  Because often times there are many paths that you can take that will fulfill you.  It doesn't help you to stress over making the right decision, because the reality is that many paths may be right.

So here's to embracing uncertainty, even when it's uncomfortable.  And here's to facing the right direction.

Jessica GroundsComment